Monday, May 30, 2011

Oakland's City Council Is Up To No Good -- YET AGAIN

The Oakland Animal Services shelter is one of the only "no questions asked" shelters in my area -- they take everyone, including owner surrenders.

As someone who's helping a friend re-home a cat, I can tell you that it's incredibly hard -- if not impossible -- to find any place that will take an owner surrender of an animal with a less-than-stellar temperament (uh - not uncommon in cats, by the way).

Because no one will take these unwanted pets is one of the contributing factors to the stray and abused animal population. And this is one of many reasons why having an Oakland Animal Services is critical for all of us -- bipedal and quadrupedal alike.

A friend of mine is a volunteer at OAS and the stories she tells about the work they do is incredible. Ever watch any of the "Animal Cops" shows? Yeah: it's like that, only in real life.

And now they want to outsource (in essence, privatize) the City shelter -- HUH?

For those of you who are locals, please read and write, email, or otherwise speak up about this and help Save Oakland's Shelter.

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